10 Best Reasons Why You Need a Digital Marketing Strategy in 2021

In a world where digital marketing spending is going to reach $2 trillion, and 10% of the money is going to be allocated to digital services by businesses, it is high time that while a business develops business strategies/business models, develop digital strategies along with it.

The business strategies include creating a business model, creating an operational process, creating a customer attraction factor, and developing customer retention methods.

Like these business models, develop a well-defined blueprint for developing digital strategies too. For this, the strategies must be developed only after thorough research and plan. There must be a unique factor in your digital strategies to attract customers, only after that, you should be taking any action.

Meaning of Digital Strategies

The digital strategy includes planning a well-defined digital business model where the goal is improving digital presence, improving customer experience, and maximizing profits.

Having a blueprint for every activity is essential. Having a well-crafted digital business model will only help you in achieving a competitive edge over others.


Your steps must include ways to fully optimize your digital marketing strategies. The marketing solutions for every type of business differ. You have got to cater to their needs and must be able to create bespoke digital marketing solutions for each of them.

Ten Reasons Why you Need a Digital Marketing Strategy

For every business, we know the 5 ‘P’s of marketing are: Product, Price, Promotion, Place, and People. For online marketing too, these are the key areas you must be focusing on. The 10 big reasons why you need digital strategies can be listed down to:
  1. Competitive edge:
  2. An idiot with a plan is better than a genius without a plan. If you have good digital strategies, it will give you a competitive edge and you can win for the long term. 
  3. Makes you consistent:
  4. As it is said, the success of every brand lies in its consistency. Consistency is the key. With digital strategies, creating a digital experience for the brand becomes consistent and will help in growing a brand.
  5. Provides value:
  6. For this, focus on customers rather than proving yourself. You must be focusing on telling what value customers will get from you. Don’t pitch but attract your audience. Strategic planning will help you add value to your content.
  7. Helps you monetize: 
  8. Your payment methods must be clear. This will help you get real-time transactions with well-defined tactics. 
  9. Leverage channels:
  10. Gain from the insights the information on which channels achieve your marketing goals rightly. Leverage those channels for higher returns.
  1. Track ROI: You can analyze which strategies give you higher ROI, and then opt for continuing with the most important digital strategies. 
  2. Integrate your functions: With the right strategies, you will be able to integrate all marketing functions well. You will even get the time for integrating both the traditional marketing methods with the modern methods for better results.
  3. Helps you optimize: Your strategies will help you keep time for optimization to rank it ‘one’ on google. You could improve the user experience, and you will even get time for optimizing it for the search engine.
  4. Save your time and money: strategical planning will help you avoid duplications and thus, you can save your time and money
  5. Expansion: Being systematic and keeping track of your business by gaining insights will give you scope for further expansion of the business.

Ways to Create Digital Marketing Strategies

Creating digital strategies may be troublesome at first. But, it can give you a higher ROI.  The importance of data and technology is integral for digital marketing. For this, the business must develop an environment where there must be an integral functioning of the executive, marketing, and IT team.
  1. Create a well-defined plan for digital advertising:
  2. Your plan must include choosing the right platform for advertising and making robust content by scheduling your content.
  3. Plan for social media marketing:
  4. Build content with a definite schedule, use analytics for getting insights on the activity inside your social media marketing channel. 
  5. Well defined plan for SEO:
  6. Strategic SEO planning can boost your marketing results. The results can be achieved by creating quality backlinks, using attractive tags, using long-tail keywords, and making a responsive design.
  7. Building brand:
  8. Adapting your brand to the changing needs is necessary. Tell a story for your brand that appeals to the target audience. Change the narrative whenever required. For this know the brand’s why first.
  1. Strategies for personalizing:
  2. Firstly develop an audience persona for this so you can create personalized emails, copies e.t.c. The Personalized experience can create a greater user experience. 
  3. Select appropriate channels:
  4. Target your digital marketing strategies to appropriate channels wherever your audience is.
  5. Keep track of all your resources:
  6. Keep all your resources together in one place so you have a better track of what you are doing. 
  7. Measure and analyze:
  8. Measuring performance and analyzing is very important for planning your next big digital strategy.


With a proper research and plan you can develop a winning Digital strategy. You have to be thinking for a long-term goal while crafting these strategies. 

You must be able to integrate all your team whatever be the area they are in, for the successful implementation of these strategies. 

You should also keep in mind that each business demands unique digital strategies.

Finally, save this in your mind that certain things happen unplanned, so your strategies must be adaptive to the changes that the business demands.