3 Years and the Story has Just Begun!

A beginning is always the hardest part of any venture. But moving ahead successfully overcoming all the challenges and obstacles is yet another beautiful and toughest thing. And now we stand with the experience and wisdom of 3. Just like the growth from a toddler, each step at a time, we also have grown with small steps and trying again. But now, with the wisdom and experience of another year, we step into a new, updated and advanced phase of the journey.

This year has been a great and eventful one. With a bunch of new clients to family and joining hands with many prestigious partners including the Government of Bahrain and Government of Kerala, Digitalbuddha has taken a leap in the industry and still has more to go.

Over this year, we have built a bigger family and made new business relations. Above all, we are extremely privileged to be part of the Kerala State Government’s social awareness program. We partnered with the government to create a COVID-19 awareness quiz which was helpful to create awareness about the novel Coronavirus that is spread now. 

We are also proud that we joined hands with Bahrain Ministry and took our company to an advanced level. We developed an app and successfully executed it for the ministry official. We also have a set of new clients for whom we did complete branding from the beginning.  We thank each of them who trusted and joined hands with us. With around 70 + satisfied clients and still counting, we have also expanded the internal family with the addition of 2 new members.

As the company is growing, we have also expanded the technical and systems support of the company. Now we have updated systems with higher configurations and resources.

This year has been a year of new beginnings. We have officially launched ‘Learn with Digitalbuddha’, the platform for digital learning and added more students to our success list. We will launch our online courses very soon too. We are also in the background work of a readymade e-commerce solution using the latest technologies for the shopkeepers and owners to completely digitalize their business and set up their online platform.

With new targets to achieve and new missions to accomplish, we have begun our journey to a totally new phase and new advancement. This time is crucial and we will thrive through it to the peak. This time we have limited our celebrations to home as we have switched to work from home due to the current condition. But we are not taking a holiday now as digital marketers are always active and alive. We have your back in marketing your business even in the most unfavourable conditions. We have managed to start the new batch of students and the previous batch also won their certificates and experience with us. We are proud almost all the students are placed and some have already started their own business themselves. This success motivates to run faster and work harder in the coming years.