Crawlers Of Web!

Creepy crawlers can be disgusting. Who pops up in your mind?  No one wants them, but what I am going to say next is going to surprise you. As in the animal kingdom, creepy crawlers have an essential role to play, so do crawlers have an important role to play on the internet. Let me introduce you to the soldiers of the internet, the good crawlers.

Consider this, World Wide Web has a humongous army of soldiers to keep an eye on the data of trillion and trillions of web pages and yes, you guessed it right, these soldiers are called web crawlers. Well, if you are someone who finds crawlers creepy then think again, because your web presence is entirely dependent on these good crawlers. They will crawl in to your web pages, dig in to your keywords and content and use them to build your presence on the internet. If the good crawlers snoop on your pages more, you bet they love your pages!

A crawler is much like an enthusiastic tourist with a pair of binoculars glued to his eyes, looking for new places to conquer and add to his checklist. For a crawler is always hunting for information, so that it can weave its sticky web around its contents and index it to its last detail in its elephantine database.

It works like this. The good crawlers assimilate all the data, images, graphics, videos, links and hyperlinks on your page and index it to their gargantuan library database. Each minute detail is scrutinised and filed in a systematic and organised manner.  Just like our moms who like to keep everything neat and clean so that when we need it, we can easily find it at the snap of a finger. The automated crawlers too do the same but million times more efficiently. It is their efficiency which makes the search engines pop up with hundreds of results to your queries. Yes! Search Engine Optimisation SEO, works because these good crawlers act as the crucial link to connect the words  in the search engine queries to the already indexed keywords and content on your web pages.

Crawlers consider a web page old, once they have indexed it in their database. Interested in knowing more about indexation? Read here. Once indexed, it is important to keep up the attention of the good crawlers on your web page.  Just like you need to go that extra mile to impress your loved ones, for example redo a part of your wardrobe, surprise them by cooking their favourite cuisines, get rid of bad breath, show up on time 10 times in a row, or may learn a new skill; in the same way, to get the attention of the crawler you need to keep adding new information, quality content, images, videos and links to your web pages.  Remember crawlers love quality over quantity. More on that later.

Oh wait! I have been so enthusiastic about the good crawlers that I forgot to mention that there are also crawlers that you just might  like to avoid! Read them on our next upcoming blog.