Google Workspace in 2021 – Not a Want, But a Need of the Hour!

Ok Google, Tell me a simple way to Organise all my work-related matters under a single roof?! Hello Sir, Haven’t you tried out the Google Workspace yet? Are you also searching for the same? Then let’s talk more about it. Well, first of all, Congratulations to each of us and Happy New Year. We all are familiar with the products of Google Workspace in a way or the other. But we lacked the knowledge or the proficiency to integrate all the products under a single umbrella. And to make use of its scope in a more professional and time-saving way.   Google Workspace, previously known as GSuite as explained by none other than the great Scholar Wikipedia, is a collection of cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools, software and products developed and marketed by Google. It was first launched in 2006 as Google Apps for Your Domain and rebranded as G Suite in 2016, and it was recently rebranded as Google Workspace. The products of GSuite comprises Gmail, GMeet, Calendar, Contacts, Chat, Docs, Sheets, Forms, Drive etc.

Google Workspace in 2021

Hey, I use these things daily and what’s so new about them?!

Yes, these apps are our daily tools in both personal and professional lives. We send and receive emails daily, meet our clients and colleagues through Google Meet, attend webinars, schedule activities and reminders in our Calendars and prepare our charts and documents in Google Sheets and Docs.

But are those customized? Ever received an email to [email protected]?

While most of these services are individually available at no cost to consumers who use their free Google (Gmail) accounts, Google Workspace adds enterprise features such as custom email addresses at a domain (e.g. [email protected]), an option for unlimited Drive storage, additional administrative tools, and advanced settings, as well as 24/7 phone and email support.

Yes, that’s one of the advantages why you should immediately take a Google Workspace account in 2021.

And guess what? Those tiring Advertisements and Creepy cookies will no longer bother you again.  Google Workspace users do not see advertisements while using the services, and information and data in Google Workspace accounts do not get used for advertisement purposes. Your valuable PRIVACY is protected.

We know that you don’t need a paragraph on how Email, Meets and Calendar works. Yes, we know much more about them. So let’s discuss some more about how Google Workspace works and why it is ‘ a need’ and not ‘ a want’ in your commercial space.

Google Workspace comes collaborated with Google Cloud Search (formerly known as Google Springboard)

Wikipediaaa…where are you again?!


“Google Cloud Search is an AI-powered assistant which helps users to quickly find relevant information, as and when they need it across all associated Google apps, including (but not restricted to) Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Contacts and others alike.”

So once you set up Google Workspace in your Business platform, you can easily integrate all these services among your entire team and office. Sharing and updating of information, storage of data, retrieving data, tracking of activities all become easier.  It creates a “unified search experience” in Google Workspace. This helps to save more time, improve the efficiency of the company and improve the professionalism of the employees. And TIME IS MONEY!

Google Workspace Resellers

Many of the companies neglect this opportunity with the excuse “Who has the time to set it up?” Hey come on, there are certified and trusted Google Partners and Resellers to help you in setting up your Google Workspace Account. And we are also one of them.

Digitabuddha is Glad to share with you the news that

“We have Successfully Partnered with Google Cloud.”


We can help you set up your Google Workspace Account.

Yes, we have your back to help you out. Take your business on the right track and keep up its professionalism with the right partner with you. Contact us to know more about Google Workspace.

We wish you a great year ahead!

Courtesy: Wikipedia, Google Images

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