Heyy, Got your Google People’s Card?

The new feature that has been in testing in the country for a couple of years . This virtual card helps the users to highlight their existing websites or social media profiles to detail their identity to the public. It uses Google’s Knowledge Graph to display information provided by the users. Notably, you need to give your mobile number and require a Google Account to create your people card on Google Search.

But this can be registered only through our mobiles and it requires our mobile number too.

Well, how do you create a Google People Card?

The steps are really simple.

Step 1 – Login to Google in your Mobile

Step 2 – Open Google and Type ‘ADD ME TO SEARCH’

Step 3 – Click on ‘Get Started’ and Fill up the details in the form.

Step 4 – Save!


And Taadaaa, here is your Virtual Visiting Card ready!


Yes, Google has really simplified our jobs and made our social and professional life more advanced! It has also said that for every new card, the user must authenticate the account with a unique mobile number. He/she will have complete control of the information to be included on the card and can opt-out of the experience anytime, which will stop their details from appearing in Search.

So let’s think in a critical way! Google already knows too much about us already! And when people register in this People’s Card, they can fill up their Work status, Education, Hometown, Website, Mobile Number, Email, Social Profiles, etc in the card. Yes, it’s strictly optional and choice. But won’t it affect our privacy in a negative way? (Mind voice “Arreeyy Google knows it all already yaar”!) 

And what if false information gets spread?

Think big, Worry Less! Google Guru knows it all. And to lessen our concerns, Mr. Google Ji has put together several protections and controls. It has also added safeguard mechanisms to protect against offensive content. There is also a feedback button with the help of which users can identify and report low-quality information or a card that they believe was created by an impersonator.


Sooo… Let’s see how people respond to it and what Google has in mind! 

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