Inbound Marketing – Let your Customer Come to You

The success of a DIGITAL MARKETING agency lies in impressing their clients and audience. The reach of our company on the web determines how much we can contribute to our client’s requirements. 

Digital Marketing, as you all will be already knowing, is business marketing through online platforms and digital methods. There are a lot of digital marketing agencies sprouting each day into the industry as it is the simplest and cost-efficient business that can be started even at our rooms! The success of Inbound Marketing lies in being different than others. A Digital Marketer needs to have an expert strategy to create strong inbound marketing. 

First of all, let’s be clear of what is inbound and outbound marketing.

The traditional way of bringing a customer to us is through the traditional way of advertising through continued advertising, promotions, public relations and sales. This method is commonly called Outbound Marketing or Interruptive Marketing. Many people consider this annoying and less credible as we are pushing the service and information to them without actually knowing their requirement. It is just like beating in the bush hoping that we will hit the target. But, Inbound marketing can be defined as the way of bringing the customers to us by creating an impression on them through our website, logo, content, performance, SEO strategies and ranking.

The customer may be interested in creating a good logo or website for their company or they would want to do online social media campaigns. So we need to create an impression that we are the best agency that can be approached to satisfy the client needs. In short, Inbound marketing is when we create awareness about ourselves and builds trust in the customer leading them to do business with us. Inbound Marketing creates a relationship between potential customers and the company whereas outbound pushes our services to them. Now there is another type of marketing that needs a small mention – Permission Marketing.

As the phrase itself speaks, Permission Marketing is when the marketers approach us with our permission or request. For example, we sometimes subscribe to newsletters or give permission to send emails on the latest product launch or offers, isn’t it? That’s because we have given permission to market by subscribing or registering to it.

This can more a very effective marketing method as only the interested audience will be targetted and there can a higher rate of conversions. This can also create a personal relationship between the potential customer and the business. 

Now let’s get back to Inbound Marketing. 

How can Inbound Marketing bring a difference?

First of all, it is definitely the most cost-efficient marketing method. It builds a relationship and trust between us and the client. Inbound Marketing is a way of attracting, creating engagement and converting. We must initially reach the audience and create an impression in their minds, Producing creative designs, informative contents and interesting websites are some of the very important points to be noted. Good content along with creative designs and well-planned SEO and Social Media Strategies can help to generate strong Inbound Marketing. We can drive clients to us through different channels. Proper strategy building using these channels can do wonders!