Instagram for Business

More than 300 million active users indicate the huge potential of Instagram Marketing. There are a number of benefits for using Instagram for your brand promotion.

The formula we use for Instagram brand success

Create Content

Keep your Posts Short

Stay Engaged


Success for businesses on Instagram is not only in publishing attractive contents but also following some important steps. Before every Instagram brand management, we follow these steps.

Clear vision and strategy

Familiarising your audience

Consistent frequency

Clear visual style

Having a strong visual presence is an important factor in providing brand awareness. Instagram is the best tool to implement a strong visual presence for your brand. We have a unique strategy while managing your Instagram page. We follow a 4: 4: 1 rule. Out of our 9 posts, the first 4 will add value and help your client. The other 4 posts are to create a connection with ideal customers. And the last post is intended to sell your product or service. This unique style of Instagram Page management helped us to become the best Social media management company in Kerala. Our Expert designers will create attractive images, videos and stories to publish on your Instagram Page. And the Instagram Advertising team will target the right audience and increase your visibility on social media.

Digitalbuddha Info Solutions LLP - Best Instagram
Managers in Kerala

If you are completely new to Instagram or if you already have a brand account with you, it’s important to set a clear-cut goal for Instagram promotions. While setting your goals, you have to think about marketing strategy and plan for the contents to be published on your page.

Most common strategies that brands use on Instagram include:

Increasing Brand awareness

Building community

Showcasing products or services

Spreading company culture and values

Advertising to attract customers

Managing brand reputation

You can choose one or more goals for Instagram profile either from the above list or you can customize a goal according to your niche. A good Instagram marketer can definitely guide you to choose the best marketing strategy for your brand. If you want to popularise your brand in Kerala, Digitalbuddha’s Instagram marketing team can help you to achieve that by creating awesome content and advertising by targeting the right audience.


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