Mobile App Development Done Right With Flutter

What is Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source, cross-platform app development framework introduced by Google for developing native iOS, Android, and Web apps. Flutter uses a single codebase to build cross-platform apps that speed up app development, reduce bugs, and improve your ROI.

Why do we use Flutter?

  • Cost-Effective
Since it lets us compose the code once and apply it on both iOS and Android, the efforts in developing, testing, and maintaining two apps get lessened. Thus, it offers flexible budgeting and the chance to implement more enhanced innovations at a low cost.
  • Better Productivity
Flutter doesn’t demand a bridge to interact with the underlying OS. Hence, Flutter apps are equally high-performing as native mobile apps.
  • Supports older version
Flutter exerts its rendering engine that provides an edge over other cross-platform engines. Thus it can operate with several older versions of Android and iOs.
  • Supports Web
With Flutter, it is now easy for us to carry the code to web browsers. We can wrap your present mobile apps into Progressive Web Applications and expand your mobile app without rescripting it.
  • Supports Desktop
It assists us in compiling the Flutter app’s code to native Mac OS and Windows desktop apps. By building customized Flutter plugins, the apps will run conveniently on your desktop.
  • Go-to-Market
Flutter renders a vivid and flexible approach to create top-performing iOS & Android apps, engaging user experience, and deliver native performance. It supports firms to expand their consumer base and enhance the outcomes.
Why should you choose Digitalbuddha Mobile App Development Services?

Our expert developers are well-versed in building native and cross-platform applications and utilize the Flutter framework to code once and deliver a reliable experience and quality performance across any device. We can assist you in creating functionally-rich, optically attractive, and chart-busting cross-platform apps.

With a wide variety of Flutter app development services, we assist businesses in developing mobile apps quicker. Our crews leverage the platform features like reactive framework, integrated tooling & stateful Hot Reload for the fast delivery of  Flutter applications.

DigitalBuddha always keeps track of emerging technologies to produce forward-thinking resolutions and endeavor first-class mobile application development services. The codebase generated by our development team will fit your various specifications saving time to launch your app on an iOS or Android platform. Moreover, It spares you the cost of selecting a different unit for each app blueprint.

Our app development services deliver you multi-platform apps with attractive UI, smooth animations, and excellent performance. We interact with you from the beginning stages to the conclusion and the preservation ahead of it. Our experience in this domain can come in convenient in building your current old projects breathe again.

  • Proficient Project Management
We have a reliable Project Management Office to ensure that the product we are developing engages our customer’s and end-users expectations. Our project supervisors take control of the scope, plan, budget, and team to deliver your product without a catch.
  • Consistent Delivery
For flawless output, we use different software development methodologies and procedures depending on the project size and type. A flexible and dynamic approach lets us deliver your project on time.
  • Uses appropriate Data
To deliver your company aims to live and build an app that will have a heavy sale on the market, the DigitalBuddha experts conduct business and market research. The insights we get from this study let us make a feature file to meet your end customers’ demands.
  • Maintenance and Support
Our well-defined features provide an excellent user experience when fulfilling our client’s demands. Moreover, we handle the maintenance work even after the development gets concluded.
  • Analyzing applications online
  • Fusing the latest trends
  • Testing apps
  • Fixing bugs
  • Improving user interface and experience
  • Improving usability
  • Appropriate monitoring of applications
  • Feature augmentation
  • Migrating applications to diverse platforms
  • Prompt response to all queries
  • Security, maintenance, and support

At DigitalBuddha, we develop reliable native iOS and Android apps faster using Flutter, the speediest growing cross-platform app development framework. Flutter has been an excellent alternative for startups and businesses equally, and we have efficiently developed applications that are robust and engaging. If you are in quest of hiring mobile app developers, then Digitalbuddha is an intelligent choice.