The Secrets of Successful Video Marketing

Have you ever thought of making an attractive video to promote your business? Most of the businesses are asking their marketers to create user engaging promotional video to increase their brand awareness.
Video marketing is basically creating a video to promote or market your business or brand. Most of the strong marketing campaign incorporates video into their marketing mix. The commonly used videos are Customer testimonials, explainer videos, corporate training videos, videos from live events, infographic videos and entertainment videos.

The benefits of video Advertising

1. Connect with your audience
Video marketing is the easiest way to connect with your audience. It helps to build trust. Video marketing can be used as a useful tool to target the audience and let them get to know your brand.
2. Helps in SEO
Video can be used as a effective tool, helping build backlinks to your site, engage audience, boosting likes and shares, and driving traffic to your site.Youtube ranking also help you to increase your search rank.
3.User prefer visual content
Studies show that in 2017, video content will account for an estimated 74% of all online traffic.If you create a good video content, it will definitely help to attract more customers.
4.It Boosts Conversion Rates
Before buying a product, most of the people watch the product video and review video. Most of the studies show that 57 percent of online consumers buy the product only after watching the product demonstration video.F
5. Videos boost information retention
If your customers hear something only, they’re likely to retain about 10% of that information three days later. If you can provide relevent images or visuals with it, the retention rate will increase to 65%.

The Secrets of Super Successful Video Marketing campaign

If you want to create a super successful video marketing campaign, then you have to develop a good plan. Overall strategy and data should drive your video marketing strategy. Therefore it is important to develop a strong overall strategy . Outline the contents and goals of each and every stage. Also, analyze what metrics which will determine a video’s success.
20 percent of your viewers will click away from a video within 10 seconds or less. All video experts are recommending crate short videos rather than going for long video contents. If you are going for a long video, your message in the first 10 seconds. Always try to increase the SEO value before publishing your videos.Keep in mind that descriptions of your video allow Google’s search spiders to understand what the content and details. Which will increase your visibility.

DigitalBuddha Video Experts

We have created numerous videos for our clients in most of the categories. Our video experts create a strategy for developing a video that will increase your brand awareness. We have collaboration with Animated Explainer videos and Whiteboard video creators abroad, who can create awesome explainer video at an affordable price. We also create short videos and motion graphics to promote your products. We also collaborate with one of the finest recording and animation studio in Kannur,Kerala for providing Digital interlacing and Recording works.



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