The Power of Facebook Lead Generation Ads

Nowadays, Facebook lead ads are the hottest lead generation mechanism for any business or organization all over the globe. Facebook lead ads have many advanced benefits compared to any other ads. The Facebook Lead Ads user experience is composed to make it ultra-simple to fill out the form. Lead Ads permits users to exhibit interest in a product or service by submitting a pre-filled form to the promoter. The form itself fills the empty fields with the user profile data wherever possible.

Facebook Lead Ads are perfect for mobile users. Here, the businesses or marketers can make up the bulk of customers they can reach through Facebook Ads campaigns. With a few taps of the thumb, your customers can submit their details. It helps advertisers with a powerful approach to generate low-cost leads.

So, why is lead generation – and especially Facebook lead ads – so important? In this blog, we are here to take you through the world of Facebook lead ads and reveal you everything you need to know!


1) Higher Conversions on Mobile – Increased mobile conversions are one of the well-defined benefits of obtaining customers through Facebook. Mobile engagement does achieve better results. In 2014, to be exact, some of the case studies reveal that only 34% of conversions happen from mobile ad placements regardless of the fact that mobile devices surely earn more clicks than desktop ads 63%. This had occurred because the users had to get out of Facebook, go to an off-site landing page, sometimes with slow loading times, and then fill out each field manually. Therefore, it’s of no surprise that a user will engage, will take a look at the form, might change their opinion, and give an exit from the landing page without filling the form, therefore making the CTR low. Hence, Facebook Lead Generation Ads are very useful here. You get the form as soon as you click the button on the ad you see. And this is one of the very useful advantages Facebook Lead Ads is providing.

2) Dissimilar from other ads – Dissimilar from other ads – Compared to other Facebook ad campaigns, lead generation campaigns are very different. Lead generation campaign has a lot of advantages and facilities compared to other campaigns. It offers many advanced benefits that no other ad objective or ad format has offered yet.

3) Huge time saver – Lead Ads not only saves user’s time but also offers plenty of time to marketers and businesses. Facebook offers fully customizable forms, which presents marketers to not build any landing pages for lead generation campaigns. It is all there on Facebook and simpler to do than ever. You have the choice to create any number of forms for multiple campaigns within minutes. Just imagine of creating a new landing page, running that, and hosting different landing pages. Isn’t it a huge task? Compare it with Facebook lead ad generation method to see why lead ads are such a huge development for businesses.

4) Auto-filling method makes it user-friendly – The Facebook Lead Ads provides an advantage of auto-filling data of a user with as much information as possible. By this method of auto-filling data, the user will find it easy and also gives them a head start which makes them stay on Facebook, hence filling the form with the other blank fields. The less effort required, the better the engagement.

5) Generate Leads from a specific region – Facebook Lead Ads is here with an amazing benefit of which a marketer can receive the contact information of people that live in a specific area, city, or country. Here, you will have the advantage to generate leads on a geographic level. The Lead Ads helps you ask custom questions to your customers making you acquire extra particulars about your customer.

6) More data to capture – The next most important benefit of Facebook Lead Ad generation is that the forms can carry up to 18 individual preset areas which assist in decreasing the amount of typing task required. The preset data will be directly imported from the user’s Facebook profile if available and will be auto-filled into the form once the user clicks the CTA button. So the fields include Email, First Name, Last Name, and 18 more sets. Facebook Lead Ads also offers to add up to three supplementary questions. These can be custom questions that your business may need.

7) Call to action button options – The next advantage Facebook Lead Ads provides is that the option of different CTA buttons. CTA Button refers to the call to action buttons. There are six choices accessible for the lead ad’s CTA button. The different buttons are for particular uses. It depends on the businesses what kind of marketing they need. CTA buttons include Sign Up, Learn More, Subscribe, Apply Now, Get Quote, and Download. Therefore, these CTA buttons reduce the route of lead generation and are expected to result in better conversion rates for campaigns.

8) Adding Disclaimer made easy – You can also avail the benefit of including a custom disclaimer at the end of each form. Facebook has not put the character limit on the disclaimer. However, we strongly suggest keeping disclaimer as short as possible. Normally, it will be tough for the user to scroll through the entire disclaimer field and accept before they can submit the information.

So, if you’re interested in growing your business online, or learning more about this amazing feature, leave a comment below.