Top effective benefits of Video Marketing

With the change in generation and in the enhancement of technologies, people’s taste also differs. In the past, businesses used images for marketing which was one of the top methods. But now videos have taken that leading place because most users like watching videos than images. It is easy to influence your audience to buy the products through videos than marketing through images.

Definition of Video Marketing

First of all, what is Video Marketing? The definition of video marketing is not complicated. Video Marketing is the method of adopting videos to promote or market your brand, product or service. If a photo is worth a thousand words, then how much more treasurable is a video? That’s the base of a video marketing, a well-developed marketing strategy that helps in engaging videos into your marketing campaigns.

A strong marketing campaign includes videos such as Vlogs, Culture Videos, Interview Videos, Webinars, Event Videos, Presentation Videos, Tutorials, Product Reviewing Videos, Testimonials, Animation Videos, Behind-the-scenes Videos, and Live Streaming Videos.

Video Marketing Statistics
  • HUBSPOT – “Every Week around 78% of individuals watch videos while around 55% view videos on daily basis.”
  • CISCO – “Videos will make up over 80% of all online buyer traffic by the end of 2020.”
  • ALEXA – “After Google, YouTube enjoys the most number of online traffic.”
  • FORRESTER RESEARCH – “A video of 1 minute comprises around 1.8million words.”
  • WORDSTREAM – “Around 59% of administrators say they would preferably watch a video than reading any text content.”
How Video Marketing Works

Here, we can help you with the science behind why video works. We hope the above video marketing statistics that we had listed would have helped you understand the impact of video marketing. The how of Video Marketing strategy is very simple. Your business creates videos that in some way or another, promote your company, raise awareness of your products and services, to boost sales, or to engage your customers. In the process, its a little more complicated. Like many of your marketing attempts, you will have to guide various metrics and track the record of customer engagement.

To advance your video marketing you’ll have to:

  1. You are going to need to allocate resources. You will need some budget for the video – a decent equipment, good editing software, and a great video marketing team.
  2. Tell your stories to your audience.
  3. Not only telling the story, but you need to engage your audience. How will you make your stories interesting? What type of videos will hook your audience? Think about all of it.
  4. There is no length set for the size of videos in video marketing. But try to make it shorter as much as possible. Cut all the extra parts and publish a short and cute video.
  5. Publish your videos as distant and wide as possible. Publish it on YouTube, on your website, and on all the social media platforms. And then, try to promote it as far as possible.
  6. Always analyze and track the stats and metrics, to determine which of your videos did the best and why. So that you can later create such videos to attract your audience.

Now the time has come to go through the different benefits of Video Marketing for your business.

Benefits Of Video Marketing
  1. Modern Customers Spend Most of Their Time On Videos :

Around 78 percent of people watch videos once per week and 55% watch videos every single day. Also, YouTube gets more than 5 billion views per day.

After noticing such popularity in videos, we can hereby conclude that in today’s world, each person is watching videos. From these results, you will automatically have an idea of creating videos and posting it on different social media platforms. You should make Video Promotions, Ads, Web Series, Funny Viral Videos, Educational Videos, etc. based on the desires of your existing and promising customers.

  1. Excellent Return On Investment (ROI) :

About 80% of our studies, tells that by adding an explainer video to your landing page, you can increase your sales. We tell that such videos are not required in order to increase sales. You can make a decent video in your phone itself with an awesome planning. Your audiences are not expecting a high-quality blockbuster video or something. In fact, they prefer a simple video that does a nice job of explaining a product or a service with a good content, rather than a polished, high-budget video that doesn’t say much.

  1. Videos Convey Information More Efficiently :

When you are trying to find out more of about a product or a service, what will you do? Will you try to read the content or will you go click the video and watch the video first? Of course, you will click the video first.

 When your audience wants to know about a product or a service, they want to know the details quickly, in an easy presentation. Videos are the best way to communicate with your existing and potential customers. In a few seconds, you grab the attention of your audience, explain what your business is about, and tell them for what reason they should care. Will you be able to do this in your writing? Yes, sure you can do it, but not as fast as a video. Videos are quicker and memorable.

  1. Videos Increase Conversion Rate And Sales :

Companies which use videos in their marketing strategy has 27% higher click rates and 34% higher web conversions than those who don’t use videos. Therefore, using videos in your marketing strategies such as e-mail marketing or landing pages will help you increase your conversion rates and sales, and also helps you achieve your goal.

  1. Google :

When Visitors go through your website and play videos, then they start spending time on your website. When your visitors spend more time on your site, search engines detect it, trusting that your website has a good content. This increases the possibility of your website showing up first on popular search engines such as Google. The number of videos on your website also increases your search engine rank.

  1. Engaging Via Live Videos :

Nowadays, almost all businesses and celebrities use Live Videos to engage with their audiences. If you can do a good live video, then your business can have great rewards and benefits. Engaging your audiences through live videos is one of the best methods, as it allows people to engage and post comments. This engagement gets people involved. The one who is recorded in the video can see the comments from people and reply to them at the same time. To come up in this, you will need to maintain and have a good social media followers.

  1. Videos Can Convince People To Buy :

Nowadays, most of the people buy a product by viewing Online Video Ads, than by viewing TV channels. 34% of people buy it online but only16% of people buy the products through TV Channels. The reason is that TV Ads do not have ‘Buy Now’ Button, whereas Online Video Ads are one click away from ‘Buy Now’ Button, which helps in more conversion and sales for your business.

We at Digital Buddha, hope that this blog might help you with a successful Video Marketing in your Business. We are one of the best online marketing and top advertising agency in Kannur with more than 30 happy clients.