Top Marketing Tools For Instagram In 2019

Wondering what the big Instagram marketing tools for 2019 will be?  Don’t worry, we tried to pick the very best to drive your Instagram success.

These days when it comes to Instagram, for being successful there’s a lot you need to bother about. As the competition grows deeper & deeper, simply practicing smart hashtags & posting frequently isn’t sufficient to cut it. If you are serious about gaining more likes and increasing your followers on Instagram, you need to understand all the right Instagram tools and trends. That way, you can ensure that you start the new year knowing that you are performing everything to create a strong Instagram presence.

In this blog post, let’s take a look at 10 of the best Instagram marketing tools that you need to watch out for in 2019 – and put into practice.

  1. Canva

Price: Free. Paid Plans – Starts at $12.95 per month

Canva is a free designing tool which is excellent for creating Instagram stories as it has the exact dimensions for all Instagram image measurements. Not only Instagram, but Canva is also an easy designing tool for other social media platforms. It has stylish templates, easy design tools assuring that your story stands out, which is not a simple task in the world of Instagram. Canva comes to great use for businesses and marketers that don’t hold an in-house designer. Canva tool has a wide range of different templates that are exact and correct to Instagram’s image specifications, hence you can simply proceed with the design and no necessity to get concerned about attempting to sort out problems with aspect ratio, resolutions, and getting the right pixel widths.

  1. Planoly

Price: Free. Paid Plans – Starts at $9 per month

For any business, it is necessary to hold a stunning and consistent profile on Instagram. Using Planoly is a breeze. Planoly is a very cool visual Instagram scheduler tool. This tool helps you to easily upload photos, enter captions and also schedule your photos. It also helps you to schedule stories on Instagram. This tool does have premium plans which grant you extra features to use, but the free version of Planoly is great for individuals. On the free plan, you will be able to schedule a maximum of 30 images per month and get access to the basic analytics package. Planoly makes your job a thousand times easier!

  1. VSCO

Price: Free. Paid Plans – Starts at $19.99 per year

VSCO is one of the best photography tools that not only allows you to capture but also to edit & share your photos to a community of compatible content creators. It holds a wide collection of filters, which empowers you to enhance your photographs with ease. VSCO is the clear choice for all content creators looking to improve their pictures as it provides access to up to 130 unique presets. By large collections of presets and editing features that are offered by VSCO, you will be able to create high quality & unique pictures which can later be shared to your other social media accounts.

  1. Magisto

Price: Free. Paid Plans – Starts at $4.99 per month

Magisto is a tool that executes the method of video editing the simplest. Magisto supports you to create winning Instagram videos from scratch. This online tool includes a wide range of specialties that makes it simple for users to create videos that are not only interesting but also are fun to watch. There are several highlights in Magisto that users will surely appreciate. Magisto helps the users to include photo uploads, HD movie downloads that don’t have an end, and also premium editing styles.

  1. Crowdfire

Price: Free. Paid Plans – Starts at $49.99 per month

Crowdfire is one of the great marketing tools that offer smart features, which promises fast growth on Instagram, through its Clean-Engage-Grow theory. It benefits different businesses as well as individuals by supporting them to reach a broader audience & expand their business. Crowdfire is a powerful solution to attract targeted followers on Instagram and other social media accounts. Once you connect your Instagram profile, it offers data about any new followers you gain, as well as of those you lose. For example, if you have followed a user on Instagram, but he or she has ignored to follow you back, then this application will automatically unsubscribe you from that account. With the help of such features, your connections will forever be connected and secured.

  1. Shorby

Price: Free 5-day trial. Paid Plans – Starts at $9 per month

Shorby is an excellent Instagram tool which is designed to assist you to gain the most out of your Instagram bio link. Instagram is a large and fabulous platform but allowing us to post a single link in the bio is somewhat limiting. Therefore, with Shorby tool, you can attach various clickable links through a mobile-optimized landing page. This could be any link that includes links to your website, store, specific blog posts, or anything else. This way you will be able to create multiple links.

  1. Social Rank

Price: Free. Paid Plans – Starts at $49 per month

Social Rank is a tool that is utilised for categorizing your Instagram audience. It recognises and analyzes your audience. Once you login to Instagram, you will be able to search & distribute your audience by demographics, by the number of followers, bio Keywords, through hashtags, also by geographic location, and by the device. Order your audience by the highest involved followers from highest to lowest or vice-versa. Social rank is like a must-have tool for whoever handling Instagram.

  1. Repost

Price: Free

Just as Facebook enables a user to share and twitter allows to retweet, the similar way Repost app allows the user to repost an Instagram Post. Repost is one of the best reposting tools that let you post any video or photo directly to your own Instagram. This tool is packed with great features like it has a clean user interface. The Repost tool also enables you to repost for Instagram which will place a watermark of the username of the account by default from which the image you are working to repost is originally from. Another great feature is it supports to automatically copy the caption of the original image which is a great advantage. 

Start Shooting

Well, that was a complete pack of info, wasn’t it? Take a breath, catch some notes, and start preparing for your Instagram account and get ready to strategize up a storm for the new year.

We would love to know if you have used Instagram Marketing tools for your business. If so, which were the much effective ones that served you gain traction for your brand?

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