We analyze and optimize your website to drive traffic by achieving page ONE rankings in all search engines for the most valuable keywords. At Digitalbuddha, our SEO experts use a unique strategy by researching the latest Google ranking factors to get higher ranking and higher traffic to bring potential customers to your websites. We preserve our value by using Perfect White hat SEO techniques in each stage of our SEO journey.


We provide digital marketing solutions from small start-ups to globally recognized brands. Digitalbuddha online marketing experts work with you to determine the perfect digital marketing mix which will provide greater exposure and engagement of the customers. We improve your outreach with SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Paid Media, Remarketing and much more!


We integrate brands not just across different platforms but into people’s lives. Branding and designing services are provided for any kind of business by our creative team. We build foundations to successfully launch brands into the digital space with brand strategies and business consulting. At Digitalbuddha, we research extensively in your business sector and come up with a branding concept which will make you unique.


We are here to provide you with an elegant and stylish website and mobile app that will attract your potential customers. At Digitalbuddha, our expert team of Website Developers & Digital Strategists work together to get result driven solutions. We create a user-friendly and creative website in different CMS platforms and best in class Apps for Android and iOS devices.

Best Webdesign and SEO Agency in Kerala

We believe that the best SEO companies are the ones focused on the quality of links rather than quantity of links. As the world of search engine optimisation evolves, we follow only white hat SEO techniques to preserve your brand value. We have a group of dedicated SEO professionals with a couple of success stories. We have started our SEO work for companies in the Malabar Region, and now we have clients spread across the state. At Digitalbuddha, we discuss and learn together each day about the search engine algorithms and we believe that this enthusiasm is the key factor for our success.

We Deliver the Perfect Digital Marketing Mix

We provide all the digital marketing services to achieve result-driven solutions and to generate great online brand loyalty. At Digitalbuddha Info Solutions LLP, our marketing experts strive to bring you on top of the confusing and competitive world of digital marketing. We will extensively research your business sector and develop a digital marketing plan that is suitable for your business. We provide strategies for small-scale businesses and also for multinational companies. The online marketing strategies of Digitalbuddha is unique and that makes us one of the best digital marketing company in India.


We promote your websites by increasing their visibility in search engines primarily using paid advertising. We create the best Google advertisement for the most appropriate keywords.


We are here to build a social ecosystem that connects brands and users through shared interactions. We engage your audience across the web in a socially connected network around your business.


We all know marketing is impossible without great content. We are here to deliver you the best contents that will help you to grow your business. We always try to create high-quality shareable media to become successful.


Every email sent to a potential customer could be considered as an email marketing service. Digitalbuddha provides online email marketing solution to engage customers, target the audience, send attractive and responsive emails.


Analytics is critical for achieving online success. Monitoring analytics can boost your business with your customers. We provide monthly reports to tracking specific trends, discusses the strategies to improve results.


Online reputation is how others see your brand when they look for you on the internet. Our reputation management services control and influence an individual’s or group’s reputation with unique techniques and strategies.


Our pay-per-click digital strategies are well designed for our clients to experience an increase in quality traffic from potential customers while seeing higher conversions. We manage all types of AdWords Campaigns including Search advertising, Display advertising, Shopping Ads, Video Advertising, etc.


Remarketing is a clever way to position targeted ads in front of a well-defined audience that had previously visited your website – as they browse elsewhere around the internet. Digitalbuddha kind of remarketing tactics will definitely help you to turn cold leads into customers. We also boost your results with dynamic re-marketing techniques.


E-commerce services are important for businesses in an internet driven Era. Buying and Selling Goods and Services has to be made user-friendly and secure to become a leader in the e-commerce industry. Digitalbuddha online marketing services guarantee 24 X 7 e-commerce solution for your business.



We optimize every element of your website, to drive traffic and achieve page 1 rankings in all the search engines for each and every valuable keyword. We create top-notch contents on a regular basis to counteract competitors who try to ruin your plans for search engine result page domination.

Digitalbuddha will take you to a solid position in Google business listing and increase the visibility of your business and help you to grow your company. Our unique digital marketing mix is the key factor for achieving your goal by engaging the customers. We learn deep into the commercials of your business, create and analyze your growth map and take the necessary steps to keep you always on top of the online world.

The Best Social Media Management!

We believe that social media is the key to listen, engage, and build relationships. Digitalbuddha has the power to provide strong social media services to maximize your outreach.

Be Awesome on Social Media!


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Our mission at Digitalbuddha is to grow Small and Medium Enterprises in Kerala using online marketing techniques and to help them reach the right place at the top of the Internet world.

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