Next-Gen 3D Configurator

The Next-gen 3d Configurator

Elevate customer engagement and boost conversions with Triard, the revolutionary force in 3D configurator and AR solutions for E-commerce. Handpick every detail, from colors to features, and watch your creation come to life.

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Brands with personalized experiences attract more purchases
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Consumers favor 3D models over videos
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Sales increase beyond conventional methods

Maximize Sales Potential with 3D Customization

3D Configurator

Empower your customers with the ability to view, customize,
and personalize your products in stunning 3D detail.

3D Visualizer

Impress your online shoppers with seamlessly embedded,
high-fidelity 3D representations of your products.

Augmented Reality

Make your products come alive anywhere across the globe,
directly from your customers’ personal devices.

Extensive Customization:

Unparalleled range of customization options, including colors, materials, sizes, and more, enabling customers to create truly unique products.

Seamless Integration:

Easy integration with existing e-commerce platforms, ensuring a seamless and consistent customer journey from customization to purchase.

Enhanced User Experience:

Intuitive and interactive interface, making customization a user-friendly and engaging process.

Real-time Visualization:

Advanced 3D rendering technology for instant visual feedback, allowing customers to see the impact of their choices in real-time.


Our tool caters to multiple industries, including furniture, automotive, fashion, jewelry, and electronics, providing a versatile solution for diverse businesses.

Competitive Pricing:

Offering a compelling value proposition with flexible pricing options to meet the needs of different businesses and budgets.

Simplify customer engagement and accelerate sales cycles with minimal effort.

A 3D product configurator is an interactive tool that allows customers to customize and visualize a product in 3D, in real-time. The configurator typically includes a range of options, such as colors, materials, textures, and features that customers can choose from to create a custom product that meets their specific needs. Product configurators help to enhance customer engagement and satisfaction, allowing them to create and visualize custom products in a way that was not possible before.

Customer engagement and satisfaction:

3D product configuration allows customers to personalize and visualize their products in real-time, providing them with a more engaging and satisfying experience.

Lower costs and errors in product development:

3D product configuration enables designers and engineers to quickly create and modify product designs in a virtual environment, reducing the need for physical prototypes and testing.

Improved sales and conversions:

3D product configuration can improve sales and conversions by allowing customers to visualize their products before purchase, resulting in more confident and informed purchasing decisions.

Seamless Integration

Experience effortless e-commerce with Triard’s seamless integration into WooCommerce, Shopify, and Triard’s own platform. Simplify your online store management and maximize your potential for success.

Why Triard?

Real-time Personalization

Customers explore endless options, seeing their creations come alive instantly – colors, materials, sizes, finishes.

Dynamic Visualizations

Advanced rendering technology offers immersive, lifelike customizations – shopping becomes an experience.

Budget-Friendly Brilliance

Seamlessly integrated for hassle - free engagement, boosting sales and satisfaction.

AR Magic

Step into the future – Augmented Reality lets customers visualize products in their space, aiding decision-making.

Boosted Sales

Triard's seamless site integration boosts sales with customization, enhancing customer satisfaction and conversion rates.

Benefits of Real-Time 3D configurators

Boost sales

Accelerate the sales cycle with interactive product configurators that better engage customers and improve sales conversions.

Significant cost savings

Reduce costs by eliminating duplication of work. A centrally managed product configurator 3D model enables easy sharing of updates with global teams, agencies and other partners.

Limitless configurations

Product configurators built from the design data, such as those created with Unity Forma, inherently include all product variants. Allowing the customer to view every possible option increases upsell likelihood, and accelerates their buying journey.

Highly engaging customer experiences

Give customers the freedom to interactively explore your products in true-to-life visual quality. Drive greater engagement and conversion by empowering them to discover your product and find their favorite configuration.

Reach your audience everywhere

Publish configurators to multiple channels, including mobile devices and web browsers via cloud streaming or WebGL. Visual quality and performance can be optimized for each platform, ensuring a great customer experience.

Convert physical assets into digital 3D models

AI-driven material scanning solutions like Unity’s RestAR enable easy translation of real-world materials into 3D-ready formats. Ensuring your product configurator has accurate material options develops brand trust and deepens customer engagement.


Triard caters to a wide range of industries, including furniture and home goods, automotive and transportation, fashion and apparel, jewelry and accessories, electronics and gadgets, and more. Our versatile platform can be customized to fit the unique needs of various businesses.
Triard provides an immersive and interactive experience for customers. By allowing them to customize products in real-time, see instant visualizations, and make informed decisions, it creates a personalized journey that engages and delights customers. This level of customization enhances their satisfaction, boosts confidence in their purchase decisions, and fosters a deeper connection with your brand.
Absolutely! Triard is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing e-commerce platform.
Yes, Triard is highly customizable and can handle a wide range of complex customization options. From colors, materials, and finishes to sizes, patterns, and additional features, our tool empowers your customers to personalize products to their exact specifications.
Yes, Triard is designed to be mobile-responsive, offering a seamless and optimized experience on both desktop and mobile devices.
Getting started with Triard is easy! Simply reach out to our team, and we'll guide you through the process. Our experts will help you understand your customization needs, provide a tailored solution, and support you in implementing and optimizing Triardfor your business.

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