Facebook And Instagram Advertising

Facebook and Instagram are considered as the most engaging social media platform that digital marketers are relying on. If you are planning to start a marketing campaign in any of these platforms, this is the right time for it.
Studies show that one in five minutes on mobile phones is spent on any of these platforms. There are many factors to consider before starting your campaign on these platforms.
Why Instagram Marketing is important
Instagram studies say that
1. 60% of the people discover new products on Instagram

2. 80% increase in time spent watching video on Instagram
3. 200 million+ Instagrammers visit at least one business profile daily
4. 80 % of accounts follow a business on Instagram
5. 500 million+ of accounts follow a business on Instagram
6. 300 million+ accounts use Instagram Stories every day


Instagram is the best place to advertise visual content. In Kerala, there is a sharp hike in the number of Instagram users during the last year. The Millenials and youngsters are showing great interest in this platform. Therefore it is important for the businesses in Kerala to keep their Instagram page active.


How Instagram promotions help your business


Instagram promotions can help you reach the right audience at the right time.  You can target the audience based on their Age, Location, Gender, Behaviour, Interests, etc. There are many types of Ad formats available on Instagram. Depending on your requirement, a digital marketer will wisely choose an Ad format that will help you to achieve your target.  Instagram is considered as the next social media platform that is going to rule our state along with WhatsApp.
Facebook and Instagram go together
Facebook and Instagram marketing can be used as a connected platform. Since most of the Instagram users are connected their account with their facebook page, marketing on both platforms simultaneously is a great idea. Most of the Advertisement formats on Facebook is also supported by Instagram. Running the ad campaigns simultaneously on both platform is the best way to increase the brand awareness in a short period of time.