Six Facebook Leads Generation Ads Strategies

Facebook ads never seem to halt unfolding! At first, Facebook was a fun diversion and a convenient tool for you to keep track of all your old friends and send out invitations. But today, it has become the most robust tool to merchandise your products and services. Most of people consider Facebook as the most powerful marketing strategy for growing respective businesses. On the other hand, some think it does not work at all! As a reader of this blog, you need an answer if it helps your marketing, and the answer is, it does work!

At this point, you might be thinking if it does work, what kinds of strategies and ads will be the most profitable for you in 2020! In this article, we will be discussing a few powerful Facebook ads strategies that will work for your business in 2020.

#1. Split Testing

Generally, the main reason why Facebook ads fail is that majorities of the people come up with one ad set that is, one target audience, one location, one demographic, and one creative. Once they start testing and running it, that particular ad set fails to give the desired output.

But, the truth is, it does work and generates millions of dollars for so many people every single day. But you can achieve it only if you take the right path! So, what you should do is to test multiple ad sets and multiple creatives, analyze the data and insights to see which one performs well, and remove the ones that are not performing well.

Frequently, the ads you think are going to convert the highest may not be the one to convert in case of a customer’s perspective. Therefore, it is essential to test it and get into the customer’s shoes to know their point of view!

#2. Targeting audience

Facebook is a reliable platform if you know how to target the right people. If your content is exceptional but does not know how to target your ideal buyers and lead them toward a purchase at the right place, it will turn out to be a difficult task to advertise that content cost-effectively. But how will you find your audience? How big or small should your audience be? How do you know if the audience that you choose is a good one or not? There are three types of audiences!

  • Saved Audience
  • Custom Audience
  • Lookalike Audience.
  • Saved Audience :

The saved audience allows you to create a list of audiences according to their demographics, interests, locations and other factors. For demographics, you have a lot of targeting alternatives that will help you refine your audiences like age, range, gender, and language. Once you create a list, you can save it with a name and also re-use it for similar campaigns. It saves a lot of time and can also help to understand the audience and results.

  • Custom Audience :

Custom Audience lets you retarget the ones who have visited your website before and the ones who have engaged with your content or app. There are multiple ways of creating a custom audience. They are:

  • by customer file
  • by website traffic
  • by app activity
  • by offline activity
  • by engagement on Facebook.
  • Lookalike Audience :

Lookalike Audience lets you target people who look like your existing customer database. To create a lookalike audience, you should generate an audience that you would like to look alike. You can do this by creating a custom audience first.

#3. Offer something to the people!

You should generate an offer to a particular group of people, and your offers must solve their problems. So, your duty as a business owner is to be a problem solver. Because you could have all the followers and all the email addresses but, if the audiences are not
willing and able to buy, having them as lead is pointless. Hence, when you are marketing, always consider these audiences in mind and make sure that your offer solves that problem and takes them from where they are now to where they ultimately want to be!

#4. Use Facebook ad library to spy on competitors!

Facebook has a page transparency section for every Facebook business page. It lets you get a little window into what ads that specific businesses or pages are currently doing. You can also view the date of the ads that got created to get to know whether the
ads have been running a long time as it is a good indication of how successful the ads are. It will help you identify what your competitor’s best-performing headline and images are, and allow you into their marketing funnel where you will be able to see their front end cold traffic offers, retargeting offers.

Also, you can view the offers they might show afterward inside their funnel, which can be some of the best advertising opportunities for your business. But never copy the ads of competitors for your campaign. Instead,
analyze those ads and create a unique one from it!

#5. Interactive click-to-messenger Facebook ads

Click-to-messenger is a cost-effective and powerful way to engage the audience with your business. It can be in the form of videos, images, or carousel ads. It is always better to add a scripted, automated message using a chatbot as the users can receive a greeting immediately as they click on your ad. Most of the customers tend to start conversations with brands over messaging rather than mailing. Remember, customer service is the key that will lead to customer retention. Click-to-messenger is a great way to increase the return on investment than traditional Facebook ads.

#6. Scroll stoppers

We witness a lot of content while scrolling through the news feeds. You may read some, or you may skip some of them. But there will be a point of time where you stop at something that grabs your attention. It can be because of an attractive photo, video, or even the headlines. It is the goal of all Facebook advertisers to make you stop scrolling and get your attention.

For making the audience stop scrolling, you have to:

  • Create extremely relevant content.
  • Add a photo to your website as it boosts trustworthiness.
  • Focus on the first three seconds of a video that you are going to post because, when a person is scrolling and see something unique and visually attractive compared to the rest of the posts, they will stop and tend to view and share the video.
  • It is always a better choice to add visual effects and animations as people get
    tempted by it.

To sum up, Facebook is the best platform to advertise your business apart from Google due to communication and social interaction among people virtually. Therefore, the next time when creating Facebook ads makes use of these six above given strategies as it will help in making the audience engage in your ads.